Thursday, April 14, 2011


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It's that time of year to get the garden rolling!  Brandon is making me a couple of garden boxes out of free salvaged lumber.  The one that you see in the photo here is made of an old mahogany futon frame that was free on the street.
I haven't pinned down everything I want to grow this year except for my standbys, which is chard and kale and snap peas, but I am probably going to have one tomato plant, one yellow squash plant, a half row of lettuce, maybe an Asian eggplant.
Also, you may have noticed that reddish tuber in front of the vintage seed packs.  That is a sunchoke or Jerusalem artichoke.  I have never grown this let alone eaten it, but apparently it is similar to a potato.  I was enticed when I saw a box of the tubers at Naomi's Organic Garden Supply and I wanted to try it out.  The sunchoke is actually a native plant or edible weed and so it grows very easily almost anywhere.  I guess it produces these 5 to 10 foot yellow flowers, but you harvest the tubers underneath the soil.  I will keep you posted on the outcome, and if anyone has experience with this plant, please let me know.  I am very excited.
Another new item I am planting this year is edamame.  It is similar to a pea, so it probably won't be that challenging.  I guess it's a good way to amend your soil with nitrates.
Happy Gardening~

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  1. I tried planting in flower pots last year, but all of my little crops failed, even the tomatoes. I was just thinking if I should try planting again. I don't think I have a green thumb.


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