Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Craft Fair

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Well, as you know I participated in SCRAP's Holiday Bazaar this past weekend.  It was fun and I met lot's of new people.  It was not a real profitable endeavor, but there is always something to be learned from these types of things.  So I will leave it at that and say that I love SCRAP!

 Oh, and I got to sit next to that awesome goose!

Friday, November 19, 2010

The Plastic Age.

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So it just occurred to me that there are these different eras, ages if you will, and we assign them designations such as the stone age, bronze age, etc.  I have come to the conclusion that with the invention of the new Boeing airplane being made out of some sort of plastic that we can definitely call this era the bronze age.  Plastic is everywhere.  It's in so much of what we use that we don't even realize it.  Sure there is a lot of awareness right now about the plastic grocery bags and the plastic in the ocean, but have you ever thought of how much is made of plastic?

That being said, I love to work with plastic.  Last year I made 15 or so fused plastic wallets, and I sold them at craft fairs or gave them as gifts.  They are a pretty popular item.  This year I have perfected the wallet a bit more and I have added a new plastic line, which are my flower barrettes.  I love this new craft.  They are so unique and beautiful.

Anyway, you can check out my wares this weekend because I have a booth at SCRAP's Holiday Bazaar.  So get a jump on your holiday shopping and come join in on the fun.
I hope to see you~

Oh, and I will be playing with The Amazing Maelstrom on Sunday at 3.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Shrinky Dink Outcome

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My Shrinky Dinks
Here are a few pictures of the final product.  The tracing idea worked really well. 

So making shrinky dinks is really easy.  You can make them with any number 6 plastic, which is usually the clear clamshell container.  You cut the shape you want, sand down any surface you are going to draw on.  You need to sand in multiple directions for good results, and then you can draw on the plastic with sharpies, colored pencils or even a regular lead pencil (see eyeball above and dragon below).  Punch a hole in the plastic with a hole punch or if you want a larger hole punch three holes in it, kind of like a triangle.  You then place them on a tray and put them in the toaster oven.  The oven should be set to about 275 Fahrenheit.  You watch the plastic until it stops undulating and then remove it from the oven.  This should take about 15 seconds.  You place it on a flat surface to cool down and it is finished!  So easy.

Here are photos of the awesome shrinky dinks that my party goers made:

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