Monday, February 22, 2016

Art Car 2016!

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Every Spring/Summer when it starts to warm up, I add more decor to my art car. I live on a very high traffic bicycle/pedestrian thoroughfare and every single time I receive so many amazing comments and smiles! In fact today a woman walked past and said she and her son walk past my car every day on his way to school, and he often says she should do that to her car!
Another gentleman biked past and then stopped to let me know he's been biking past my car for four years on his way to PSU and said "you have the dopest Volvo I have ever's truly a work of art. Thank you!"
I would like to propose a little FUN experiment: For the next two weeks if you find a moment to go out into a public space and work on some of your amazing art, do so! and report back what sort of reception you received :)
Of course, you can always do this in a group setting, too!

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