Saturday, December 6, 2014

Paul the Samurai Shrinking Dinks!

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Warren with his Paul the Samurai shrinky dink!
When my family was visiting for Thanksgiving, I pulled out the shrinky dink project because my 8-year-old nephew loves making them.  This year I taught him that you can trace images and they turn out really cool. 

Brandon showed him all of his Tick comics and Warren devoured them, so needless to say the things he wanted to trace were of The Tick.  He made a shrinky dink of The Tick, however, his shrinky dink of Paul the Samurai was pretty amazing, plus it seemed as though he really like Paul since he seemed to know everything about him and was quoting him while cute :)

I got a couple of action shots.  Brandon and myself were preppy the No. 6 plastic so that Warren could keep on making them till his heart was content.

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