Monday, November 3, 2014

Day of the Dead Party Pics

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Well, the party was a success. Everyone who came really enjoyed themselves.  There were quite a few calaveras and lot's of contributions to the shrine and the food was divine.

Carye Bye has this little tin that she keeps her Grandmother's mementos in, so amazing and such a great idea.
We had a sugar skull decorating station, an area in front of the shrine for people to write names of dead loved ones or messages and then add it to the shrine.
And of course we had a photo booth area, which was a lot of fun!
This picture is of Sarah, myself and Judy, the fab three that walked the Camino last summer.  We met Judy and her daughter Bea along The Way and it turns out they live 15 blocks or so away from me!
And here's a picture of the fabulous four Catrinas who hosted the party!  Diana is Luigi and she cooked the amazing food.  She's from Mexico City.
Meghan is always a fabulous host and she made that amazing floral headpiece, and agreed to have the party at her house.
Sarah created the shrine and the bunting and made a super delicious seviche.
And then myself.  I did make that mustache that I am holding for a photo booth prop.

I hope everyone had a beautiful Day of the Dead and had some inspirational, tender, loving conversations with their dearly passed loved ones!

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