Saturday, January 4, 2014

Happy New Year!

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January 1st is my bday and this year is my 40th.  I hosted another NYE Game Night and I have to say it was quite fun.  We played Speed Scrabble and three very heated and intense games of Catch Phrase.  We rang in the New Year and then a few of us stuck around and played Wits and Wages.  I believe fun was had by all. 
Here's a few pics:

Pre-party Pic

I had forgotten about this dress.  I got it for free!

Brandon patiently awaiting

My Martha Stewart heat shaped ice cube in this cranberry orange ginger juice I made.

Heather and myself ringing in the party

Wits and Wagers about to begin.

Happy New Year!!!

Even my decor got dressed up.

I hope the new year brings lots of inspiration and wonderful crafts to experience and share.
Much Love,

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