Monday, December 17, 2012

Urban Source, Vancouver, BC

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I just got back from a little backpacking trip to Canada.  I went via Amtrak to Seattle and then took various ferries, one from Seattle to Victoria and then one from Victoria to Vancouver.
Before setting off to Canada I did some research on things to do in Vancouver.  I checked to see if they had a reuse store kind of like SCRAP and low and behold they did.

The store is called Urban Source and it's located at about 14th and Main Street.  Main Street, by the way, between Broadway and 30th is a really fun street with interesting shops, restaurants and coffee shops.  I highly recommend it.

Urban Source is a cool little store.  It's about 2/3 reused materials and 1/3 craft materials kind of like what you would find at Collage.  It's about 1/5 the size of SCRAP and they get all of their materials from local businesses.  Since they have limited space they are very choosy about what they take and I noticed everything they had was very appealing.  The walls and ceiling are covered in reused projects and I really liked the aesthetics of the store.

I did purchase a couple of items.  They had clean dropper bottles like what you would use for tinctures a quarter a piece.  I couldn't resist getting a couple.  They also had rolls of laminating plastic.  They showed how you could use it with an iron.  I thought I would try it as a final layer on my fused plastic wallets as a protector of the ink on the outside layer of plastic.  This way they will keep their original color if all goes well.
If you are ever in Vancouver, I definitely recommend a peek.
Here's a link to their store:

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