Thursday, December 20, 2012

Ornament Cards

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I am a huge fan of ornament cards.  That way they get used every year either as decoration on the tree or just around the home.  I'm also constantly looking for ways to reuse used cards.  This year I decided to combine the two ideas and make ornament cards out of used cards.  It was pretty simple really.

I just cut random strips of the used cards.  I went to SCRAP where I purchased said cards, plus I found these super cool used file folders that were brightly colored and had a grid design on the inside.
I grabbed one of my seal rings used on canning jars as a template and I traced a circle on the outside of the file folder.  I traced the circle along the crease of the folder and let the ring hang off the edge a bit so that it created a folded card when I cut it out.

I then decoupaged the colorful card strips to the front.  After the ornament was dry, I trimmed the strips to match the circle shape of the ornament.
I then punched a hole through both layers of the card with a hole punch and attached a ribbon.  I made sure the ribbon was long enough so that I could open the card to write my holiday greetings and wishes to my friends and family.

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