Saturday, August 18, 2012

Tour de Faux

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I've been posting a lot about my art car this summer and not too much about my art bicycle.  That's just simply because the car is a new venture, but the bike is equally cool if not cooler.  I am constantly adding more to it even though I am running out of room.

This Sunday, the 19th, there's going to be an art bicycle "parade" at the Faux Museum in Old Town, Portland.  The reason I put parade in quotes is because it's the first ever 0 miles parade, meaning nobody is going nowhere.  I guess people will just have to walk around us.  It's probably the hardest parade I've ever been in, ha!

Here are some recent photos of my lovely bicycle that I call the Big Pink.  I have included my Pink Princess helmet in the photos because it's equally as glamorous.

Almost everything I have added to my bicycle came from SCRAP.  The bling on the spokes are file folder tabs, the streamers are used Mylar balloons, fake flowers from SCRAP or free boxes, plastic candle doilies on fenders, plastic swan nut cup, all from SCRAP.  There's a faux moustache hidden in between the two flaming tail pipes that I made out of materials -- everybody -- SCRAP!.

If you have an art bike and live in Portland, Oregon, here are the details for the contest:

10:00am - 12:00pm
The Tour de Faux is a 0.0 mile bike event sponsored by The Faux Museum and taking place at the museum at NW 2nd & Davis in Old Town, on Sunday at 10am. Bicyclist, tricyclist, unicyclist {anything without a motor} will be judged in four categories: 1. Best Bike. 2. Best outfit. 3. Best Helmet 4. Best attitude and Regimen. Prizes will be awarded. $10 entry fee includes picture and spoke card.
  Go to for more details!

Tom Richards, tom at thefauxmuseum daht comm, The Faux Museum, 206-218-3984

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