Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Craft Day with my good friend Sarah Dyer

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My friend, Sarah, went to a small town in Spain last June to work as a teacher's assistant.  She and I were roommates and fellow SCRAPpy crafters and so I was sad to see her go.

She had a blast in Spain and came back home in June only home is where her parents have recently moved to, which is Chattanooga, Tennessee.  When she sent out the email that she was coming to Portland for two weeks, I began planning all of the fun things we would do together.

Sarah is an amazing artist and LOVES to craft.  I knew she would need some craft time since it's a hard thing to do when you have traveled to a new place and left your art supplies at home.  Plus if you don't have a SCRAP nearby, you really are missing out on a great resource.

Today we had a craft reunion and it was awesome.  Sarah made this beautiful refrigerator magnet that has a clothespin so you could attach a note or reminder to it.  Here are some action shots and the final product.

I too worked on a craft that I had been meaning to do for two years now.  It's about time.  I got the instructions from "The Naughty Secretary Club," which is a book on how to make fun jewelry out of reused items.

I first made the necklace without the antique bling, but Sarah convinced me that it needed a little something and so I added the old chain and bangle.

It was so much fun to craft with Sarah.  She and I are a great pair when it comes to crafting because we brainstorm well together and can make our crafts even better with the tiniest sliver of an idea -- not to mention she is so talented.  I love it.
My Crafting BFF!

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