Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Guest Speaker at Camp SCRAP

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Today I get to be a guest speaker for Camp SCRAP, which is a one to two week summer camp for the crafty reuse kids or those that want to learn about crafty reuse. Last year I was asked to be a guest speaker, but was unable to due to my work schedule. I am very excited about this talk.
The speaker theme this year is travel and craft. We are asked to talk about a place we traveled to and maybe made a craft item related to that travel. It turns out that in 2007 I went to China for two weeks.  Before I left for China, I came to the conclusion that I would save all the plastic bags that I acquired to make a quilted plastic bag purse out of them. I figured it would be the ultimate souvenir, and I am pleased to say that it is!
Here are some pictures of the final product, which I made a few years ago:

I traveled to China with the instructor of my Taiji school and 10 of the students in my Taiji class at the time. (I am now studying with a different instructor.) We stayed in Beijing for one of the two weeks to learn a very basic Bagua form from a Bagua master there. The hotel we stayed at was lovely. They provided matches that were slightly longer than normal and so was the matchbox. You may have seen this project from an earlier post, but I made another one of my refrigerator treasure boxes to share with the Camp SCRAP campers.
Here are some images:

 Wish me luck!

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