Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Art Car Part Deux

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Sorry for the snooze on my blog; however, I've been doing anything but snoozing lately, which is why there is such a gap between posts:)
I have a lot to share, but I will just start with the addition to the art car that I am going to continue to work on and create all summer.
I wanted to make a shrine like or mandalaish pattern on the hood.  One sunny day a month or so ago I ran to the car wash, came home and quickly added some sparkly vinyl and this wooden star pattern as the centerpiece that I had found in a free box about a year or so ago.
I had some vinyl leftover that I had cut out for the mandala so I added it like a border to the top.
This latest addition will hopefully keep things rolling and inspire me to work on it more this summer.  Don't worry, I have plenty of ideas and I will keep you posted with my progress.

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