Saturday, December 17, 2011

Holiday Party 2011

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This is the second year I have hosted a holiday party that corresponds with Peacock Lane's car free night.  I live just a few blocks from Peacock Lane and so it just makes sense to combine the two events together.  Plus I have two octaves worth of bells that I provide to all the partygoers when we make our way over to the lights just to add to the festivities.  Everyone loves it.  If you stop ringing your bell and just listen, it sounds so cool.  I imagine a lot of angels got their wings last night.

For those of you that don't know, Peacock Lane is located in Portland, Oregon and every house on the street is required to participate with decorating their house with x.mas lights.  Seriously, I think it's in the contract when you buy a house on that street.  Here is a link with more information if you want to check it out.
Oh, and you might notice that Peacock Lane has its own song, which I printed out, but have yet to figure out the melody.

So I spent half of the day cooking and cleaning and preparing for the party.  I made a raw pumpkin pie, which is so good!  A raw cheesecake, which is equally delicious and some raw cacao macadamia nut truffles, which were yummy as well.
I had put out a couple other things like watermelon radish sprinkled with pink Himalayan salt.  I went to People's Coop earlier that day where they had a sample of the watermelon radish and it was so good that I bought three and served two of them up.
Here is a photo of myself with the spread courtesy of Brandon Alleman whose help was invaluable for making the party a success.  One photo is with flash and the other with mood lighting.  I am still trying to figure out my new camera:

One of the guests of the party was my good friend and ex-roommate, Cory McMahon.  She brought me my x.mas gift, which I opened early upon coaxing.  It is a beautiful vintage beaded choker, which she repaired so that it could be worn again.  I love it.  I was just thinking earlier that evening that I needed a choker to make the outfit complete.

You may remember that last year Cory made me an amazing rosary style necklace, which I love.  It's great to have such crafty friends.

My friend Keri Piehl made me a super cool candle and I will share the photos of that in the next post.

~Happy Holidays~

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