Thursday, December 15, 2011

Chicago 2011

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So I went to Chicago last week to see Brandon's old turf.  He's from Aurora, Illinois, which is a suburb, but his sister, Angie, and some friends live in Chicago.  I had a full day to check out Chicago and then the rest of my time I spend with Brandon's family in Aurora, which was very relaxing.

Before I went I looked up some Chicago oddities.  There was one that I was hoping to come across:  the Puppet Bike.  It seemed like it was going to be hard because they are never in a set location.  But sure enough we were checking out Macy's holiday windows on State Street and there was the Puppet Bike.  I was so excited.  It was pretty awesome.  I mean how could you not love some very cute puppets dancing to some groovy tunes all via bicycle.  Naturally I had to support that and Angie got a great shot.  Here you go:
You can tell from my maniacal smile that I was extremely happy.  If you are interested in the Puppet Bike, here is the website:

Another thing I was curious to check out since I had heard about it a couple times in the Intro to Religion class taught at PSU was Our Lady of the Underpass.  If you don't know what Our Lady of the Underpass is, it was a salt stain underneath the freeway that someone saw Mary with the baby Jesus.  It turned out that freeway underpass was the freeway ramp to Angie's house, so we got to see that the first night I was there.
So the Lady has faded and I think there was some graffiti that destroyed it at one point, but the memory is still there.  Here is a photo I found off the internet during Her heyday:
I love that photo.

Here is the photo that Angie took of myself and Brandon:
Brandon just looks cold.

So a trip to Chicago just wouldn't be complete without seeing The Bean at Millennium Park.  It's just too cool.

So it was a pretty fun trip and I can't wait to do it again, maybe in warmer weather.

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