Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Thanksgiving Centerpiece on the Cheap

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Everyone has been posting their favorite Thanksgiving decor ideas and so I thought I would join in on the fun.  Actually I love to make flower arrangements using Rosemary.  Now rosemary is pretty ubiquitous in Portland, Oregon.  It's hard to walk down a street and not see a hardy rosemary bush growing from which you can more than likely procure a few stalks and be on your way, so it makes for a very cheap resource.
Imagine my delight on Saturday when I came home to find my neighbor was cutting back her plants for the winter and there was tons of rosemary and marigolds and golden oregano and regular oregano and fennel just lying there on the sidewalk waiting to be composted.  I grabbed up an armful of various plants and headed home.
Here's the outcome.
As you all know I have been merrily making terrariums for the past couple of months, so I would like to add that a terrarium perhaps decorated with some fall themed figurines or objects would make the perfect centerpiece as well.
Here's my latest terrariums.  They are not fall themed and I am up to 10 terrariums now.  I bet everyone knows what they are getting for Christmas!

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