Sunday, April 28, 2013

2013 Filmed By Bike Raffilista

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Last weekend I was a raffilista for Filmed by Bike.  I think this was my fourth year as a raffilista.  FBB has been going on for 11 years; wow!

I found this amazing black and silver skirt and I have this sweet belt that was perfect for holding money and tix!  I also found this amazing hat at an estate sale the day before. 

My lovely wing girl, Erin, went for the Like a Virgin look and I have to say she pulled it off!!!  She looks amazing.  I had her put her leg on the bike tire because those shoes are amazing.

 Filmed by Bike was  a huge success as always.  We sold a ton of tix and the film shorts were great!

Thank you, Filmed by Bike (and the arm warmers I am wearing are from Sock Dreams and they are fabulous.)

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