Saturday, November 12, 2011

Accordion Belt Buckle

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So my fellow busking band member of The Amazing Maelstrom had a birthday on 11/11/11, pretty sweet.  I knew just the perfect gift to make.
You see The Amazing Maelstrom consists of myself on musical saw and Evan Stuckless on the accordion.  It's a pretty winning combination, you could say just like peanut butter and jelly.  We usually busk for art walks.  First Thursday in the Pearl on a hot summer evening is our favorite.  It's really fun.
We have played a few paying gigs and a couple of weddings.  Those are fun, too.
So I knew that for Evan's birthday I would make him a very glittery accordion belt buckle.  I think it turned out pretty great, except the glitter was originally red, but when I sprayed the fixative it changed to pink.  I told Evan that I would make him another one with whatever color he preferred, but he totally loved it and here's the proof:

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