Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Save the date for Incognito on October 28!

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Save the date for Incognito on October 28!

So as you may know I am a SCRAP volunteer and huge fan, of course I am going to Incognito, SCRAP's annual fundraiser. I mean who doesn't love to wear a mask?
So I decided to keep the mask simple and cover it with a necktie pattern. Take some old pants and put necktie patches on them and make a few of my fancy necktie fascinators/mini hats (just wear one) and go as a necktie hobo. That's the idea anyway and so far it's all coming together.
Here are a few photos.

I made this last night.  I was just thinking how waking up and remembering to try on your new creation because the glue has dried is better than Christmas :)

You can tell that I'm a high class hobo by my Christian Dior patch.
If you live in the Portland area you join in on the fun. If you click the link above it will lead you to all the wonderful details.
Hope to see you there ~

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