Wednesday, September 14, 2011

see kate sew: DIY lined envelopes at Ucreate

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see kate sew: DIY lined envelopes at Ucreate: I'm a creative guest at Ucreate today! I'm showing you how to line envelopes with fabric and paper scraps! There's even a free template! ...

So one of my best friends moved from Portland to Boston, and, of course, we were both very sad to say good-bye. However, she suggested that we should be pen pals and that really cheered me up. I never get fun letters in the mail anymore and receiving one from a good friend is priceless.
I am a huge fan of making my own envelopes out of old calendars and paper scraps. However, when I saw this blog post, it has inspired me to try this out.
I do collect lot's of bizarrely shaped envelopes from SCRAP because I always need envelopes to put the bizarrely shaped cards in (that I find at SCRAP, of course). This just seems like it will make the cards extra fun and special.
Thanks, Kate, for the great post, as usual!

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