Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hott Sock 2011 Pedalpalooza Ride

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So one more sweet ride that I would like to share.  I went on the Hott Sock ride because I do love fun socks.
We rode to Sock Dreams where we played fun sock games and everyone stocked up on some cool socks.  If you have never experienced Sock Dreams, check out their website.  They have free shipping to anywhere in the U.S., I believe, and they have an unbelievable selection of socks.
So then we rode to Sock It To Me, another great Portland sock company.  They had a pretty sweet obstacle course, but the thing that made the ride for me was they had a craft table where you could make any kind of sock puppet with their unmatched socks.
I made Jacques le Sock.  Check it out.
This fellow, whose name I do not know, made an awesome unicorn sock puppet.
And my friend Dan, otherwise know as Captain Clash, made some sweet arm warmers with leftover socks.

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