Sunday, December 12, 2010

Merry X-mas (almost)

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So I went out and got a Christmas tree this last Friday and decorated it that night because my brother and his wife and my nephew were coming to check out my new pad.  Anyway, I am proud to say that 90 percent of the decorations for the tree are handmade including the angel, Cobber.

Last year I got the great idea of taking the thumbnails that you get when you have pictures developed and framing them with glitter and a bottle cap to make a very memorable and personal ornament.  This year I made a few more bottle cap ornaments only I filled them with trashy treasure and all that glitters.  I also decided that shrink art would make a wonderful ornament as well and so I made a few of those.
Here are some pictures for you:

My nephew who is four also made one for the tree.  It's a portrait of myself and Brandon.
Anyway, I want to wish everyone the most wonderful holiday season!

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