Thursday, November 14, 2013

Matchbox Shrine Crafternoon

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This past Sunday I hosted a matchbox shrine making party, which felt great.  I haven't hosted a craft day in quite a while.  It was long overdue.  Myself and five other lovely ladies attended and we all dived wholeheartedly into making our shrines.  It was wonderful.  Here are some of the results.

Cory made two amazing shrines.  They are very different from each other, but I love them both:

This one is entitled:  the Key to my Qi

There's a rusty bullet on the bottom of this one that I collected the day before.

Meghan made an adorable shrine for her twin nieces.  I can't remember their names, but their initials are E and F.
I love the winter theme.

Judy and Meghan working hard on their shrines.
Judy made a larger box.  Her daughter will be graduating from High School this year, so this is a shrine dedicated to her.  Judy said she will continue to add to this shrine throughout the year.

Gabby made two amazing and adorable shrines.

 I love it.

Carye made a simple and adorable shrine of an elephant that she is going to give to her sweetie.

And I made three shrines that will become a larger project involving a large diorama or shrine dedicated to my walk across Spain this past summer, aka the Camino de Santiago de Compostela, which I met Judy on by the way, and it turned out she only lives approximately 10 blocks away from me.   I had not met her before the Camino I should add.
I made copies of the stamps from my Pilgrim passport.

I collected these shells off the beach at Finisterre.

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